This is my first Blog post, so please forgive me.

One of the things that I see regularly that frustrates me, is that the customer is being sold the wrong flooring for their life style.   Customers often think color (style) first, not what will perform best for them. Flooring should serve both a visual and performance function for the customer. Lack of performance will most certainly become a costly lesson learned. I also find that many sales people (order takers) no longer have the skills to properly sell flooring.   In the past retail flooring sales people where former installers or had grown up knowing the industry,  but with the great proliferation of flooring retailers (think the big chains) the quality of the sales pool has depreciated greatly.   Many sales people are motivated by commission, not customer satisfaction. Many customers make the mistake of assuming that just because a company sells flooring, or because a person works in that “specialty department” of the big box, that they must know what they are talking about. Flooring used to be handled by mom and pop locations or small local chains that lived in the communities that they serviced.  The big boxes and large chain retailers have made flooring more accessible, but at what cost

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