Installers or helpers?

June 24, 2015 at 12:05 am


One of the other things I’ve learned after spending close to 20 years in this business is that not all installers are created equal. Years ago we had craftsman doing the installation, more recently we have found that many installers are more skilled as helpers then “mechanics” (an industry turn for installers),  but the lure of “easy money” pushes them to become installers.   How are you as consumers to know the good from the bad?  Referrals don’t really work because you trust the installer to give you names of past customers; it is unlikely that he will give you the names of unhappy customers.  The “angels” list on the internet started out with good intentions but I have seen horror stories and, that on many of those types of websites you can pay to be ranked higher.  We think it is safe to higher the installers that the retailer uses, but truthfully most of the retailers don’t perform any checks of quality, or performance.  On any given day the retailer has multiple crews and you never know which crew is going to be assigned to your job, so you might get lucky, you might not.  Many of these “installers” were helpers months, weeks, even days ago, but saw the “easy money” and decided to be installers.   Not only is quality an issue, but punctuality, and work ethic, appearance, and lack of proper insurance, are possible points of failure.  To me it’s frustrating to have someone not show up on time, and not get the product finished on schedule.   I have spent the last 20 years hiring and firing installers (literally 100’s), to reach the crews that work with me today.   I think certification goes along way, but even they can’t tell the character of the person, that you are letting in your house.   I’m not sure what the answer is to you homeowners, but I stand behind my company, and the gentleman that I hire.

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